Long term car hire Spain

Providing the help you need to get a great long term rental deal

Are you trying to organise a long term car rental? If so, we'll go the extra mile to help you find the best possible deal!

It's not at all easy to get a good idea of long term car rental price just by getting a few online quotes. This is because most rentacars set a fairly short maximum contract length (e.g. around 30 days). Whilst some companies do allow longer contracts (e.g. 60 days, 99 days), it's common practice for them to set a higher daily rate for hire periods that exceed 30 days (as they stand to make less on extras such as top-up cover and extra drivers).

How we can help you with your long term car rental in Spain

If you let us know your approximate dates and the vehicle type that you are after, we'll get together a long term quote for you. As a long term rental will normally need to be covered by a number of shorter hire contracts, we'll take into account factors such as seasonal variation in rates, maximum contract lengths permitted and extra charges (top-up cover, extra drivers etc) that would be incurred per contract. Putting it all together, we'll be able to get back to you with your best options. And, of course, as you'll be hiring for a long period, we'll be able to offer you a discount on our normal rates.

You might also be looking for an open-ended long term hire on a monthly renewable basis. That's no problem either. You can start by booking a month and then we can let you know towards the end of each month how the best way to proceed will be. Depending on rates, you could either extend the existing contract (if the company allows extensions beyond a month) or you could start a new contract. We'll be here to sort things out for you.

Contact us now and we'll get the ball rolling.