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Firefly's network of offices

Though a relative newcomer to car rental in Spain, Firefly are becoming one of the leaders, with a fast growing network of offices. They have offices at Madrid Airport and Barcelona Airport, Spain's two busiest airports. And on the Costas, their offices include Alicante Airport, Malaga Airport and Murcia Airport. All of their offices are 'on airport', being located in either the Arrivals Hall or the airport car park. So, pick-up with Firefly is always straightforward.

At present, Firefly do not allow one-way hire between their offices so please check out another of our suppliers if you do need a one-way hire.

100% pay on pick-up - always the smartest option

Paying for your Firefly car hire on collection has several clear advantages over paying before you travel. Firstly, cancellation is totally hassle-free and you don't need to worry about if and when you'll get a refund. And with easy cancellation comes the possibility of taking advantage of lower rates if they appear on our website: prices are constantly on the move these days so keep an eye on our quote and feel free to re-book if you find a better deal.