Zero excess car hire Spain

Recent changes in Spanish car hire conditions have meant that almost all Spain car rental companies EITHER require customers to leave a hefty excess deposit on their credit card (around 1000€ for small cars, more for larger vehicles) OR that they take out the company's own excess waiver cover (which includes tyres, glass, undercarriage, etc). This often came as an unpleasant surprise for many customers who hadn't been properly informed of the situation by their car rental broker.

We are happy to say that our clients can now book zero excess car hire with a number of our suppliers in Spain, so avoiding the uncertainty of how much they're actually going to be asked to pay when they arrive at the desk. No deposit is required and the price on our quote is the price payable for the hire INCLUDING the excess waiver cover. No surprises on pick-up!

If you get a quote on our website, just look out for the 'zero excess' stamp for our insurance inclusive deals. And below we list the suppliers that we can currently offer insurance inclusive, zero excess rates with.

Zero excess deals

  • Centauro: Centauro's zero excess rates are competitive and you can also add a full-full fuel arrangement.
  • Drivalia: Drivalia's zero excess price includes a free extra driver and a full-full fuel arrangement.
  • Goldcar: Enjoy peace of mind on your holidays with Goldcar's 'Super Relax' zero excess rate.
  • Niza Cars: Niza Cars' insurance zero excess rate includes a free extra driver and a full-full fuel arrangement.
  • Solmar: Solmar's zero excess rate includes a full-full fuel arrangement.

Debit card payment too! Another advantage of the zero excess deals is that most companies will accept debit card payment if booked at the zero excess rate. This is true for the companies listed about, with the exception only of Solmar.